The first Italian Competence Centre for PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies.

CSMT, in synergy with the University of Brescia, became in 2004 the first Italian Competence Centre (PICC) officially accredited with PI - PROFIBUS and PROFINET International.

CSMT is also a PI-accredited Training Centre (PITC) since 2007, thus able to provide certified training on PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies with international validity.

CSMT develops monitoring and analysis systems for PROFIBUS/PROFINET networks and offers onsite troubleshooting services for manufacturing and process plants for predictive/preventive maintenance purposes.


A "Certified" training course is recognised worldwide because it has been standardised by PROFIBUS PROFINET International to train personnel and guarantee quality through an official final examination. CSMT organises training courses with a final certificate issued by PI - PROFIBUS PROFINET International:


Download the list of "Certified Engineers" who have passed the examination at our Training Centre, also available on the website


CSMT as a Training Centre organises customised training courses at company premises aimed at transferring basic, advanced or specific knowledge to users

  • PROFIBUS/PROFINET Maintenance and Troubleshooting Course
  • Advanced course for PROFIBUS/PROFINET network analysis tools
  • WirelessHART/LoRaWAN wireless technologies course
  • IO-Link technologies course
  • OPC-UA course

For specific training needs, please contact our Profibus Profinet centre:
E. - T. 030 65 95 111

Troubleshooting, validation and conformity of networks and installations

The PROFIBUS and PROFINET Competence Centre has been providing onsite AUDIT, TROUBLESHOOTING and VERIFICATION service of NETWORKS and INSTALLATIONS using PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologiesfor 18 years..


To provide the customer with technical support during the design phase or when problems are encountered (with onsite advice and proposal of solutions) and to assess the status of the plant’s PROFIBUS/PROFINET network.


Increased availability of the plant or machine in view of Industry 4.0, possibility to perform plant acceptance tests independently, possibility to test the plant or machine before starting production, predictive/proactive maintenance, resolution of hidden or sporadic faults.

The verification activity can also be complemented by the training of personnel directly onsite at the plant in order to: acquire the necessary skills to increase efficiency, reduce intervention times in the event of a breakdown, increase the effectiveness of predictive maintenance, and effectively evaluate suppliers’ technological proposals.

CSMT operates in all areas of production and has major companies in all sectors among its customers.

Development support for PROFIBUS and PROFINET products

The PROFIBUS/PROFINET Competence Centre provided support for the development of several microprocessor-based slave devices for PROFIBUS DP. The use of specific ASICs allows full adherence to the DP specifications. As far as PROFINET is concerned, CSMT has direct experience with embedded solutions through the use of leading manufacturers’ ASICs or embedded gateway modules. Our experts can provide customised support for the development of your platform’s PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface.

CSMT develops products for monitoring, analysing and troubleshooting on PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks.

PNT - PROFINET Network Analysis Tool

This is the programme for the analysis, monitoring and validation of PROFINET networks developed entirely by CSMT experts. Thanks to many years’ experience gained in the field during troubleshooting and validation of thousands of PROFINET networks and installations, PNT concentrates in a single programme all the functions necessary for those who have to deal with the analysis and monitoring of PROFINET networks on a daily basis. It has a simple and intuitive interface and is available for PC (no additional hardware required) or as a standalone version for permanent monitoring of networks or machines.