Mission & Vision



CSMT mission is to translate innovation into an application, combining the most qualified and International academic expertise with the traditional industry of Brescia.

Transforming an idea into an effective solution, as the exact meaning of the English term 'work', that is, it works.

To provide consultancy and training services to companies, to increase and improve their skills.

Thanks to CSMT, technology becomes 'at hand', development is constant and innovation becomes measurable, applicable, operational and profitable. 

The primary goal of CSMT is to give competitiveness to the industry and the university, make them innovative and attractive for investors, entrepreneurs and intellectual resources.

CSMT adopts a business model based on the technology transfer of research centres skills (university, public or private).


CSMT is the main and the most important point of reference of companies for applied research operations, technology transfer, training and education, development and prototyping of new solutions, products, processes and methodologies.

CSMT is already for some sectors the institutional and permanent forum for activities and workshops with related machinery and equipment.