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Project Funding


Partner in research projects and business and universities support activities

CSMT carries out project management and reporting activities for its partner projects, as well as supporting projects led by other companies or organizations, funded by regional, national and European programmes.


CSMT is able to provide systematic monitoring of funding opportunities at regional, national and European level.


CSMT operates alongside companies and offers multiple services:

• Timely communication and information on emerging concrete opportunities

• Evaluation of the technical skills required by the funding programme and the project

• Support for writing the application

• Searching for actors and partners also within European and international networks

• Management of the implementation and reporting phase


CSMT participates in numerous research projects funded both in the regional, national and European fields.


Support for management in innovation projects, funded and cooperative research


CSMT participates in funded research projects also as a provider of management support services.


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Attached is the presentation of 'How to Design Successful Projects' in the Funded Research by European Summits - by Alberto Bonetti.

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