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The HPDC School course, with annual frequency, is comparable to a Master which transfers extensive and high-level skills to students who obtain, after passing the final exam, a Certification of Competences by an organization Accredited and  internationally recognized.


The training plan consists of 400 hours, including frontal classroom teaching, theoretical lessons, operational demonstrations in the CSMT foundry department and company visits to specialist companies in die casting.


Lecturers are professionals with long experience in the field of Die Casting and  Metallurgy, AQM specialists and teachers of the University of Brescia. Various lessons are developed by experts from companies specialized in the manufacturing and realization of HPDC related products and services.


During the course, parallel sessions are held with technical seminars and specific workshops to deepen some of the themes of the course and ensure the right visibility for the technical and economic sponsors of the initiative. The course is on Friday, all day, and Saturday morning, to match work or study needs.


The school is sponsored by a number of local institutions, national and International associations such as the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA), who expressed great interest in the initiative, which was similarly promoted in the USA.


Lessons are held every Friday from 8.30 am to 12.30 am and from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm and Saturdays from 8.30 to 12.30.


To issue the certificate and admission to the certification exam, it is necessary to reach 80% of the frequency (corresponding to 76 hours of absence).


For more information, please contact the CSMT secretariat at 030.6595111, or write at, - AQM 030.9291782




Study plan and enrollment


Educational programme



Professional roles

It is expected that three professional figures will be eligible for a degree after passing a specific exam and a minimum frequency of 80%



Process industrialization technician.


You will have a proven metallurgical knowledge and practical ability to handle machine cycles, using pre-defined and validated procedures or defining them according to the specifications of the new products to be manufactured. It will make the product achievable in accordance with the specifications, using the best resources and according to quality standards.


The figure will have the task of identifying the best available technology for product realization, arranging and managing in "optimized" sequence  the steps and working cycles and verifying the product compliance to the specifications and productivity required.



Product industrialization technologist.


You will have a thorough metallurgical knowledge and ability to design and validate processes with reference to customer specifications. You will know the methodologies, tools and working techniques of pressed die casting, ensuring compliance with agreed cost, timing and quality and, above all, achieving customer satisfaction. You can be placed both inside a die casting company to cure product design, and in companies that use pressed glass to efficiently transfer needs and monitor supplies.


You may want to be responsible for the production of a die casting company.

In addition to having the skills of the previous figures, you will handle problems related to the overall management of the production process and the operation of the plants. You will define development strategies and intervention priorities, coordinating and effectively managing resources.