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Profibus and Profinet


Expertise in the field becomes a service

Experts from the CSMT PROFIBUS and PROFINET Competence Centre have decided to transfer their experience, appreciated all over the world, to useful and effective services to Italian companies competing on the International market.


Development of PROFIBUS and PROFINET network analysis software


PNT - PN Tool, PROFINET Network Analysis Tool

PNT - PN Tool is the new programme for the analysis, monitoring and validation of PROFINET networks entirely developed by CSMT experts.

Thanks to the multi-year experience gained in the field during troubleshooting and validation of more than 400 PROFINET networks and plants, the PNT-PN Tool concentrates in one program all the features needed for the day-to-day management of the PROFINET network behavior analysis.

PNT - PN Tool has a simple and intuitive interface and is used through the PC's network adapter so no additional hardware required.


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ProfiGraph and ProfiLogger

Scan process data directly from PROFIBUS and PROFINET

ProfiGraph is like a virtual oscilloscope that allows the analysis of input and output data of slaves without interfering with the PROFIBUS network.

ProfiLogger is a data logger that allows you to record and analyze process data (inputs and outputs) exchanged by slaves without interfering with the PROFIBUS network.

ProfiGraph and ProfiLogger are plugins developed by the CSMT experts for the ProfiTrace protocol analyzer.

ProfiGraphPN for PROFINET is included free of charge in PNT - PN Tool, PROFINET Network Analysis Tool.


Development of PROFIBUS and PROFINET products

The PROFIBUS Competence Centre has developed various slave devices for PROFIBUS DP based on 8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors. The use of ASIC Siemens (SPC3) or Profichip (VPC3) allows full adherence to DP specifications with the maximum code to be implemented on a microcontroller.

With regard to PROFINET, PROFIBUS and PROFINET Competence Center has direct experience with embedded PROFINET solutions through the use of ASICs of major manufacturers or embedded gateway modules.

The PROFIBUS Competence Centre is available to provide complete custom solutions or to support you in developing your PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface for your platform.