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MAXE Manager per l'Eccellenza

Manager for Excellence - Higher Education


A high-level training course: structured, practical, innovative and strategic designed for a professional figure, already in the company or to be part of, having the desire, potential and ambition to grow professionally and an attitude to improving industrial processes, organizational and management oriented towards excellence.

A managerial figure able to define and implement consistent and durable business improvement projects. A resource with a global business vision, effective design capability, capable of engaging and motivating employees and mastering operational improvement techniques.

The vision is based on seven values of industrial excellence that guide choices and operations, stakeholder approach, and interaction with the outside and the inside.


He is capable of generating wealth for all stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers) in the form of profits (economic wealth), jobs (social wealth), skills and knowledge (human capital).


Beautiful and clean, he promotes the physical and mental wellbeing of employees and employees.

Customer oriented

He considers the customer as the centre of his business, creates a relationship of mutual and lasting trust with the customer, personalizes products and services on specific customer needs.


He develops and proposes effective and valuable solutions for his customers through the continuous improvement of organization, processes, products, services and resources, and by providing his stakeholders with the knowledge they generate. He encourages and supports renewal at all levels, even by attracting and retaining high potential employees and collaborators.


He has a clear strategic vision, which differentiates clearly on the market, highlighting his distinctive features with respect to competition. He consistently practices his own strategy, through efficient processes.


He captures the opportunities of development offered by information and communication technologies and enriches products and processes with these technologies.


Balance in the long run  the resources devoted to remunerating venture capital with those invested, seeking not only economic profit, but also a positive and lasting impact on the environment, the community, society and the local and global economy. He is agile and resilient and knows how to adapt quickly to context dynamics.



• BUSINESS CONSIDERATION: When each person at all hierarchical and decision-making levels is aware of the ways of pursuing excellence, before, during and after applying the managerial techniques learnt during the course.

• PERSONAL CONSIDERATION: When a single person is aware of what is the trade-off of objectives, often in conflict with each other, influenced by an improvement project, avoiding the best possible local option in favor of the greatest global option.


The figure formed at the end of the path is a manager characterized by:

• Global vision of enterprise, in the sense of excellence outlined above.

• Project capability, with the ability to set up, budget, perform, monitor and measure the economic return of improvement projects he will be responsible for.

• Motivation and leadership, by wisely choosing the most suitable contributors to certain tasks, motivating them, addressing them and rewarding them to keep the results even after the end of the projects.

• Master of the techniques and operational tools, subject of the course.

Classroom and experimental training, with direct application to simulated factories, lean game, project work and case history of the learnt techniques: 316 hours, 9 months of bi-weekly teaching with university lecturers and business experts.