competence centres

Applied Research and product Sustainability


Consulting on plastic and polymer materials

CSMT offers analysis and problem solving services for:


Choice and optimization of plastic material

Process conditions

Design and re-engineering of artifacts.


The centre uses laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, testing and characterization of plastics and, more generally, polymer-based materials, as well as a design laboratory equipped with software for simulating the process mold filling in injection molding. These tools allow the optimization of the production process and resolution of various problems.



CSMT organizes training courses for highly specialized technicians in the plastics industry; theoretical-practical courses (basic or advanced level) at your site or at your customers' site, in Italy or abroad.


Among the latest topics: the behaviour of plastics in relation to their industrial use, transformation technologies, and the design of artifacts.


Research and technology transfer in the plastics field:

Collaboration with Universities and other Centres in Italy and abroad, as well as with the best consultants and experts, provides companies with an efficient research network that supports them in the innovation of materials, products and technologies, in cost reduction, optimization and streamlining of processes, transformation, automation and production phases, also taking into account the different applications and product integrations with other materials (frequent intersections for plastic articles).