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Low Pressure Die Casting School

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Low Pressure Die Casting School

The Low Pressure School provides a high level, certified technical education, created to meet the new challenges of the market. To develop and make the production of castings with a low pressure casting system competitive, it is necessary to have company figures that have a thorough knowledge of the fusing process, alloys, low pressure casting, treatments, finishing and machining, molding, quality and safety, etc. The teaching plan was developed with the support of a scientific committee composed of teachers and foundry experts


CSMT and AQM have decided to launch the first Low Pressure School to meet the demands of the automotive industry that increasingly require low pressure casting. The goal is to provide high-level, certified technical training designed to meet new market challenges. In order to develop and make the production of foundries with low pressure casting systems competitive, it is necessary to have in the company figures that have a thorough knowledge of the fusing process, the alloys, the low pressure casting processes, the treatments, the finishing and machining, molding, quality and safety, etc. The teaching plan has been developed with the support of a scientific committee composed of teachers and foundry experts.



The course takes place through frontal classroom teaching, theoretical lessons and operational demonstrations, addressing the following themes, subject to a specific definition of details:

• Alloys

• The fusing process

• The low pressure casting process

• The bases for low pressure

• Molds, crates and tools, low pressure

• Thermal treatments, finishing and machining

• Design of the production site

• Quality in the low pressure

• Security in the low pressure

• The preservation of the environment in the low pressure

• Human resource management




LEVEL: Specialist



Employees of foundries or companies that work, transform or use low pressure jets or made with other technologies that can potentially cover the roles with operational, managerial and technical responsibility. Neo-graduates intending to qualify as part of the industry.



High school diploma or technical experience in foundry for at least 2 years.

However, full attendance is possible even if there are no requirements for access to final exams by issuing only the Certificate of Attendance.



Certificate of attendance of 75% of the expected number of hours.

Qualification in Low Pressure Die Casting Technologist or LPDC Technologist: with a compulsory minimum frequency of 80% of expected number of hours it is possible to hold a certified exam for the professional figure. The examination is carried out at the presence of a committee chaired by IIS Cert and two vice-presidents elected within the Scientific Committee of the Course (CSMT Management and AQM) and the other elected among the representative technical sector. IIS Cert issues its official certification after passing the exam.



Exceeding the specific exam modules enables the professional figure, as defined in school regulation.

The certified figure LPDC Technologist acquires the metallurgical knowledge and practical ability to handle machining cycles, using previously defined and validated procedures or defining them according to the specifications of the new products to be manufactured. It realizes the product in accordance with the requirements, using the best resources and ensuring quality standards. The figure, in detail, has the task of identifying the best process for product realization, preparing and managing in "optimized" sequence the phases and working cycles and verifying the conformity of the product with the required specifications and productivity.

He possesses adequate metallurgical knowledge and ability to design and validate processes with reference to customer specifications. He knows the low pressure casting methodologies, tools and techniques, ensuring compliance with agreed cost, time and quality and, above all, achieving customer satisfaction. He can be placed both within a company for product designing, and in companies to effectively transfer needs and monitor deliveries.

He is able to handle problems related to the overall management of the production process and the workflow.



The teaching will be developed by professionals with long expertise in the field of Low Pressure Die Casting, metallurgists and AQM specialists and teachers of the University of Brescia. Various lessons will be developed by experts from companies specialized in the manufacturing and realization of products and services linked to the world of LPDC.





Beginning of lessons: April 19, 2017. The courses will be held at CSMT Gestione and/or AQM Srl weekly from 8.30 am to 12.30 am and from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm, mainly on Wednesdays and Thursdays, occasionally even on Saturdays. Scheduled term of the lessons: July 27, 2017. The detailed programme of the lessons will be communicated to all the recipients, and constantly updated.


REGISTRATION FEE AND REGISTRATION METHODS: As per enclosed registration form

CERTIFICATION EXPENDITURE: € 650 for each participant, plus VAT according to law



The Brescia Chamber of Commerce offers Brescian SMEs the opportunity to apply for 50% of the value of the course. More information at

AQM srl supports FONDIMPRESA affiliated companies in the presentation, management and reporting of training plans for the voucher request for full cost coverage



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