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CSMT partner of LIFE projects


Monitoring of air pollution effects on children for supporting Public Health Policy.


The project, funded by Life +, lasts three years (January 2014 - December 2016). It is proposed to study early biological effects from exposure to atmospheric pollutants in oral mucosa cells and factors that may affect such damage in school age children.




Project for the recovery of special plastic material from the automotive sector, in particular tankers, through the realization of an experimental recycling plant and through the development of a selective collection network to be carried out in the Province of Brescia.


Csmt is committed to the following actions:

C1 - Monitoring of Environmental Impact Assessment - Life Cycle Impact Assessment

D1 - Communication and dissemination of results

E1-2 - Project management and reporting



The COSMOS-RICE technology, developed at the University of Brescia, allows to transform light ashes into an inert material to be used in different applications. Light ashes collected in waste-to-energy plants are neutralized by a low temperature process using only other waste materials as reagents. CSMT is the coordinator of the project and has the task of constructing a pilot plant installed at the A2A spa plant in Brescia for the treatment of 500 kg per day of ashes.


Some of the completed projects:


H-REII project

H-REII 'Heat Recovery In Energy Intensive Industries (LIFE08 ENV/IT/000422).

The H-REII project, coordinated by Turboden and co-funded by the European Commission's Life + Program, involved the Brescia Industrial Association (AIB), the Province of Brescia, Csmt and Fire.


REMS project

REMS has set the goal of creating a 'Lombarda Excellence Network for Instrumental Mechanics and Extended Laboratory' in technological fields: ultra-precise machining; Intelligent means of production; Rapid prototyping. It was one of the eleven projects supported by the Lombardy Region in implementing the 'institutional agreements'.


COSMOS project

The project, co-funded by the European Commission's Life + Program, was aimed at identifying a system for the recovery of light ash from waste-to-waste processes in urban solid waste and the production of new inert materials.



The aim of the project was to increase the level of automation, self-diagnosis, precision and functional integration of Italian machine tools through artificial cognitive systems that realize perception-decision processes.


SIGI-X project

The SIGI-X (Industria 2015 - Made in Italy) project is aimed at the creation of a new business template for machine industry companies and special equipment operating on a single contract basis. The aim of the SIGI-X project is to increase the efficiency and efficiency of manufacturing companies involved through the use of organizational, management and information models specially developed for the special machinery/plant sector.