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Profibus and Profinet


Troubleshooting, validation and compliance of PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks and installations

End users want their plants to be efficient and always available.

For this reason PROFIBUS and PROFINET Competence Center has started the on-site AUDIT service, troubleshooting and testing of networks and systems using PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies for 10 years.


The system audit is designed to provide customers with:

• a report on the status of the PROFIBUS/PROFINET system network

• technical support in case of immediately encountered problems

• advice and proposal solutions


The advantages directly obtainable by a network or plant control are:

• Increased availability of the plant or machine

• Possibility to perform system acceptance tests independently

• Possibility to test the plant or machine before starting production

• Predictive/Proactive Maintenance

• occult or sporadic fault resolution


Eventual verification activities can be accompanied by staff training directly on-site at the plant. This offers our customers the additional opportunity of

• Acquire the skills required to operate the plant efficiently

• Reduce the failure times

• Increase the effectiveness of predictive maintenance

• Effectively evaluate suppliers' proposals


The plant verification offer is aimed at those who own, manage or build process plant or factory automation.


Our customers are the companies that work in the field of energy production, water treatment, automotive, machine building and manufacturing. Among the customers who have been using our plant verification and on-site training staff: ABB, Auma, Enel, Edison, Sorgenia, Siemens, Tirreno Power, Edipower, A2A, Comau, Sacmi.


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CSMT develops and distributes troubleshooting products for PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks